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Teachers for the 21st Century: Academic profile, initial training and teaching practices of Spanish teachers. Introduction ; Teacher Training for the Construction of Classrooms Open to Inclusion ; The teaching profession with a 21st Century perspective. Models of access to the profession, professional development and interactions ; Application of Importance and Performance Analysis to teacher competencies for the identification of training priorities ; University admission scores as predictor of academic performance in the first year of university: Education VS Social Services Oriented Degrees ; Teacher training and professional development in accordance with level of school effectiveness ; Strengthening teaching competencies in Early Childhood Education: an insight into classroom activities ; Medical models applied to teaching: the proposal of the "educational MIR" in the light of international experiences of initiation to the teaching profession ; Meta-analysis of reliability generalisation of the FIT-Choice questionnaire (Factors Influencing Teaching Choice) ; Admission Test Model for Pre-service Teacher Training Courses Based on a Participatory Design Approach ; Initial training and access to the profession: teachers' demands ; Training for inclusive education in preservice programs for Primary Education teachers in Spanish universities ; STEM Education and Primary Teacher Training in Spain ; Languages and ICT: teaching skills for the 21st century. A comparative analysis with other professions