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The MEC/BC bilingual project, initiated in 1996 in primary as a unique experiment within the Spanish state education system, and in September 2004 the classes that had started their bilingual education 8 years earlier took the project forward into Secondary schools. The implantation of such a curriculum requires, firstly, with regard to English as a subject, a very different classroom approach from the traditional EFL classroom where the focus is on learning English as a foreign language; secondly, a similar new methodology for teaching and learning other curricular areas through English. Such an integrated approach sits very positively within the Directives of the Council of Europe which insists on the need for students to be competent in three European languages by the end of the obligatory period of Secondary Education and that the learning of the first foreign language should begin in the early years of formal education. In addition to this, the secondary integrated curricula have consistently focused on the continuing development of students' skills and learning strategies, thus firmly establishing learning as a lifelong process. The current document has been written by a working party consisting of Spanish and British teachers who have worked on the Project and it has been designed as the logical continuation of the Integrated Curriculum for Primary Stage. It includes: a clear delineation of the contents to be taught in Geography and History for the level of 1st and 2nd year of Secondary Education; a definition of the linguistic and scientific skills and of the attainment targets students are expected to reach; and a choice of resources to be used by teacher.